Brooklyn Zoo MBC

Spearheaded by super producer Chew FU(Lady Gaga, Rihanna) New York  record label BZMBC creates music-based properties fusing progressive electronic and authentic stateside music sinds 2007.

We where fortunate enough to collaborate and release works from artists like BOOTSY COLLINS,  DOUG E FRESH, JAROBI from Tribe Called Quest, BRUCE KULICK from KISS,  JIMMY CASTOR from The Jimmy Castor Bunch, BREEDLOVE, DRES from BLACKSHEEP, GREG N.I.C.E,  J-CAST, A-CLAY, SUBSTANTIAL, DROP, FANOMM, and worked with award winning remixers such as Hervé, DON DIABLO, ESTAW, PVH, BRIAN COX, AC SLATER.

BZMBC, a joint venture between super producer Chew Fu and New York-based creative house Pure Creative Group (PURE), GULLY entertainment LLC, and its imprints YOUNGSTAR & 1212records

DROP releases first track on BZMBC